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What do you expect from a thriller with supernatural elements? Of course, you want a story that makes you turn the pages, keeps you on the edge of your seat and whispers to you, “Read just one more chapter before you go to sleep.”

Digging deeper what does the supernatural mean to you? Do you expect ghosts? Vampires? Denizens of the Other? 

Or are you looking for atmosphere, for pointers to something bigger, more wondrous, perhaps more dangerous, than the world we inhabit?

Defiled will deliver all of the above and more.


. . . a riveting story that flies, that reads like wildfire .  From the moment we are introduced to Jacob, born into this horrific family through no fault of his own – we are spellbound …

J. I. Wells, Author of The Blue Messiah’s Scribe, reviewing Defiled.

Three Series

Supernatural and Suspense Thrillers come in different flavors. Indiana Jones and Hannibal Lecter both belong to the genre, yet the degrees of darkness dramatically differ between the novels that these two characters inhabit. My series differ as well.

Paradise Wars

Clark Ransom


Rhode Island Vampires

What is the appeal of vampires?
That appeal was there before Anne Rice and Twilight.
Look at Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a mainstream meme that has persisted. Or less known but as influential subliminally: Nosferatu.
Anne Rice moderated the horror of Dracula and Nosferatu with romance, humor, and raising the question: just think what one could do with compound interest if one lived for centuries?
Included in this section are two offerings. The first the exploration of My third series of novels will be based on vampires in Rhode Island, where legends abound that Rhode Island was the Transylvania of North America.

Providence, Rhode Islands to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Read the entries in my blog to understand my journey toward becoming a suspense writer who is an expat living in Mexico