What happened riding the Red Line from Harvard Square?

I often ask myself, why do I enjoy Anne Rice or Stephen King? Why do I explore supernatural elements in the thrillers I write? I guess, because I’ve lived through amazing (amazing as in Amazing Stories) and inexplicable events. I’ve wondered if such events were coincidental. Or was Jung’s synchronicity principle at play? What’s synchronicity? … Read more

Have you thought about pyramids lately?

The Mesoamerican civilizations: Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and the lesser known Toltecs centered their understanding of the universe around the building of pyramids. The hero of my trilogy, Stanford archaeologist Clark Ransom, explores these pyramids looking for a secret that could well change the world for the better. In the first novel, The Toltec Conspiracy, his … Read more

What is Supernatural Suspense?

Since I write supernatural suspense, I thought I’d start today with a definition. “Paranormal or Supernatural thrillers bring in an otherworldly element, overlapping the ‘horror’ genre, though usually in a restrained fashion. Often the hero and/or villain has (or at least claims) some psychic ability. Umberto Eco’s novel Foucault’s Pendulum is fantastically complex, and touches … Read more

My experience writing the Clark Ransom trilogy

Last email, I said I would tell you why I have written several versions of my novels in The Clark Ransom Trilogy. By versions, I mean different novels, with different plots and characters. I’m hoping the effort will cause a more exciting and fun read, and that I have not gone through an elaborate exercise … Read more

At least in Mexico Spring is here

A couple of weeks ago, I was wearing long underwear, long sleeve shirts, and sweaters daily. I sat at my keyboard with freezing hands. Then I had to switch on the fireplace until burning eyes forced me to shut it off. This week it’s been in the eighties, and here I sit in short-sleeves and … Read more

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  I’m well into writing the second novel, The Tula Plot, in my Clark Ransom Thriller Trilogy. The villain of The Tula Plot is Fidel Karvelis Cortazár. Nicholas, one of Fidel’s victims, is a member of the troubled Vaughn family. The Vaughn’s tangled tale centers another of my series: Paradise Wars. In Rhode Island, Jake, … Read more