My Story

I’m back with another story, but this one isn’t about my protagonist Stanford Archaeologist Clark Ransom at all. It’s about me! I wrote short stories on an IBM Selectric with carbon paper at Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, California, sending them to the likes of The New Yorker and The Atlantic. I continued the … Read more

Poll on Toltec/Aztec Gods

I’m back again. This time with a quick question. Answer through an easy click and you can assure yourself and other readers will get the most out of my thrillers.Last month I showed how I based the mystery behind the novels in my Clark Ransom Thriller Series on the little scholars know about the Toltec … Read more

Pyramids in Mexico

Hello Everyone, Yeah! I finished the first draft of The Toltec Conspiracy — first novel in the Clark Ransom Thriller Series. I edit that novel in the afternoons and write the second novel, The Tula Plot, in the mornings I will talk about where I set these novels since these settings are as important as … Read more

Why I Write About the Supernatural

The short answer is because I like literature that includes the paranormal or the supernatural. From Henry James’  The Turn of the Screw to Steven King or Anne Rice: they are the books I most enjoy. This used to embarrass me, because after all I have degrees in English lit from Stanford and Brown. However, … Read more