The Rooftops of San Miguel de Allende

Several of the scenes in The Toltec Conspiracy take place on the rooftops of San Miguel. The photos don’t match the scenes exactly, but show the beauty of this place. “The restaurant was atop a new boutique hotel that mixed Colonial Mexican and Moroccan influences. However, from here on top, all she saw were the … Read more

Poll on Toltec/Aztec Gods

I’m back again. This time with a quick question. Answer through an easy click and you can assure yourself and other readers will get the most out of my thrillers.Last month I showed how I based the mystery behind the novels in my Clark Ransom Thriller Series on the little scholars know about the Toltec … Read more

Pyramids in Mexico

Hello Everyone, Yeah! I finished the first draft of The Toltec Conspiracy — first novel in the Clark Ransom Thriller Series. I edit that novel in the afternoons and write the second novel, The Tula Plot, in the mornings I will talk about where I set these novels since these settings are as important as … Read more