Reviewer Quotes for Defiled

Too Compelling To Sleep! 

“Once I started the book I found it too compelling to put down. The writing was really tight and the descriptions clean and evocative. If you are a fan of Stephen King and Anne Rice you will be right at home. I was a stranger in a strange land, and still couldn’t stop reading.

– Wendy BichelSan Miguel de Allende, Mexico

A Feast for Lovers of Esoterica 

“A compelling story that pulled me along, sometimes into strange and disturbing territories. Complete with a full set of complex characters, the plot explores the way sin and cruelty play out over the generations in a prominent family. … I hesitate to give away major plot twists and reveal the mysteries that are embedded in the story, but let me say that the mixture of the paranormal and the erotic play out against a background of global crime of the most heinous sort.”

– Arlene LencioniChicago, Illinois