The Rooftops of San Miguel de Allende

Several of the scenes in The Toltec Conspiracy take place on the rooftops of San Miguel. The photos don’t match the scenes exactly, but show the beauty of this place.

“The restaurant was atop a new boutique hotel that mixed Colonial Mexican and Moroccan influences. However, from here on top, all she saw were the spires and domes of the churches of San Miguel. The sky was overcast: a blessing. Otherwise, the afternoon sun would be intolerable, even under the umbrella over her table.”

“Customers, seeking the sunset view, packed El Techo. The open-air bar provided the best view in town. On one side, the pink towers of the Parrochia, changing to a rich gold in the sinking light, loomed above the glass ceiling. “

Speaking of The Toltec Conspiracy, I have just completed the first major—and most time-consuming editing pass. I plan on two more editing passes, each of which will go more quickly than the last. Then I’ll submit the novel to my beta readers for their input.

I am also a third done outlining the second novel in the series, The Tula Plot.

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